The purpose of the Historical Society is to preserve, protect, and share knowledge of the past and present through artifacts of historic interest pertaining to the Town of Carroll and surrounding areas; to use that knowledge for the benefit of the community; and to cooperate with all other organizations having similar aims and purposes.
Our meetings are held at the Historical Society Building behind the Town Hall, the 3rd Monday of each month March – November at 6:30 PM and are open to the public.  At the meetings we often have a speaker or program regarding area history or history of local organizations and businesses.  Meetings also include refreshments and good times.  We are open on Saturdays from May – September 2:00 – 4:00 PM.
We are also open by appointment –  please call 716-489-1114.  Admission is free.  We believe we should live in the present with an eye to the future and one foot planted firmly in the past.  We are in for some exciting times as we begin preparing for the Town of Carroll’s Bicentennial Celebration that will be celebrated during 2025. We need you, please join us!